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About Us

India This Week is a newspaper published from the Washington D.C metropolitan by ADV Solutions, Inc. focusing mainly on Indian News for the Indian population settled in the United States, particularly the Greater Washington/Baltimore Metro Region.  Published every Friday, India This Week  one of the only two publications published from the Capital city of the United States.

Since 1995, it had been serving the people with great dedication through the print media, and hope to reach a larger readership through the online edition.

Though the newspaper is printed on a weekly basis, the online edition will be updated on a daily basis.

We encourage reader participation through letters, comments, and valuable suggestions.

The online edition will offer the reader, the same all the page of the paper as the printed paper. Even all the advertisements will appear as they appear on the page.  Whole pages, articles, photographs and other images can be viewed in .pdf and .jpg format, and articles can also be read as text. You can make use of the Internet's powerful feature – search. The e-paper offers you search in several forms: You can look for something specific using the search engine. You can also track stories in your areas of interest by setting your preferences for “My News,” a news tracking feature. You can clip articles and photos for future reference and can email them to a friend.

Please email your suggestions to: